Local Charity Props Forward Creates Site Hoardings for Blue Light Partnership

Blue Light Partnership (BLP) has clubbed together with a local Bristol-based charity to create site hoardings for the Avon and Somerset Police facilities project.

Props (providing opportunities and support for those with special needs) offers a range of life enhancing opportunities for young people with learning and physical disabilities once they have left school.  Working with a range of community partners within the Bristol area, the charity promotes integration and partnerships throughout the community, that lead to positive outcomes in terms of vocational and community opportunity.

BLP offered a group of young people engaged in the Props print production enterprise the opportunity to design and produce the signage for three of the four sites, Black Rock Quarry, Gloucester Road and Ashmead Road.  The signage will be displayed on site and in the construction offices.

BLP was delighted to work with the Props team, helping those on the print production enterprise programme to build upon their skills and gain additional experience.  Props enables young people with learning disabilities to work towards awards and qualifications in four key areas; the world of work, healthy living, skills for life and supported living skills.

Miller, the main contractor for Avon and Somerset Police facilities project, raised over £200 for the charity, through a Christmas raffle, which will help to support the charity’s projects.

Find out more at www.propsforward.org